Frequently Asked Questions

Effective date: 01 September 2020

Every time you access and use Wrider app and website, you trust us with your information. Along with that trust is our commitment to keep your privacy and also help you understand how we do it. We recommend that you read along to know the points about our privacy practices.

This Privacy Policy explains how we use data we collect about you, and those that you provide us in line with the use of our app and website, as well as our verified partner riders who installs Wrider app on mobile devices as part of a pool of drivers who are willing, at their sole discretion, to provide pickup, transportation of parcels, and delivery services as well as any add-on services to users.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy, the users and partner riders grant consent to the collection, use, disclosure and all other forms processing of every data provided.

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